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Amanda - mandolyn9909

I came here to see how easy this project was...I would love to make one for my kids but it looks WAY too complicated for me....I can make a nice pillow sham though ;)

Just wanted to say though that I love your blog....all the pretty quilts. Loved when you send JoNell a quilt last made me cry. haha.


Great tutorial!!


Fun!!! You know that was like reading Chinese, right? At least for those of us that don't sew. LOL!


The Sunggies I make I use 3 yards + 24 inches of material. The extra 24 inches I fold up in the back at the bottom and sew a seam then I sew in 14 inches on each side. Makes a pocket for the feet to go into so there is no tucking it under. Keeps the feet and lower legs warm and cozy. Everyone that I made one for likes this pocket. Jim asked me to make it on his and I have done it ever since. The Crazy Aunts really like theirs alot.

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