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Hi Edgerton's! We think of you often and are glad to know all is well with you and your family. It's OK to take a break from the Christmas card task some years. In fact, I haven't sent my Easter cards in about 5 years now! And I don't know if I'll start it back up this coming Easter either. Oh well, we'll see.

Congratulations to John on his graduation! And that's so neat about Alyssa going to Italy. Krissy studied abroad in Florence when she was at the Univ. of Hawaii several years ago and LOVED it there. She made quite a few local friends there that she she still keeps in contact with and learned to speak the language enough to communicate with them pretty well. Which city is Alyssa going to?

Next time you're in the 'Couve we'd love to see you!

Procrastination Free Living

Actually even I don't gave a card that its okay. I want that time is my family and friends. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jo Day

Hi there,
I have just been reading your blog and I have to say how much I appreciate and adore you honesty! This mother in the UK spends her days much like you and while I am blissfully happy most of the time we all have bad days. You make us realise we do share these!


I can so relate. I did however make and get out my cards. Some may get them after the holidays.
But for some reason this year I don't really care. That is so not like me. I always have a huge amount on my plate and usually get it done. Not so much this year.


I didn't get cards done this year. Alas. Your banister looks beautiful!

Maybe Mpix would be faster than Snapfish?

(Italy! Wow!)


That's 4 more cards than I've ever made in my life. And I didn't even pretend like I was going to do Christmas cards. I did New Year's photo cards, but those darn things are I still haven't ordered them - trying to decide if it's worth it! LOL

Susan from Maryland

I did my cards at Ritz Camera this year. I uploaded them from home and picked them up the next day! You could send out Happy New Year's cards. They have lots of options to choose from.

Julia Love

Kelly, I understand and feel your pain. After one hectic Christmas where I couldn't get it together despite frantic efforts at getting pictures to make a card, I switched to sending a Valentine's Day card. It gave me more time to prepare and it worked with my last name of Love. People love getting cards all year so perhaps you could find a different holiday to address?


You poor thing! I love Costco for their cards now. Jealous of the unmentionable word and can't wait to see pictures!

Happy Holidays!

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