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One day they will appreciate all you do and understand why you've parented them the way you have! Every bit of raising kids is a stage or a phase that has good and bad, but I think most of us pop out the other side in one piece. Big hugs!



Pat Daigle

I understand your post all to well. I have Alex off at college and we go through some of this but I think that one advantage to having moved away from VA to an area that she doesn't know anyone requires her to stay around more and not really test those boundries. The difficulty that I am having is that when she calls with an issue and I give her the motherly advice or try to tell her how to fix it and she doesn't listen or get's testy with me, that is when I am really frustrated.
Hope it works out for Christmas break, we are only getting a week of her time as she is taking a trip to VA to visit friends in Norfolk and then she is spending the rest of vacation at her dad's since they are having a new baby and that will be more fun than hanging with her mom. Oh well. Hugs!

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