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I forgot to tell you how beautiful your quilt is. I just started free motion quilting as well. You did it perfectly.


Ohhh you put a smile on my face. Seriously I smiled the whole time I read this. My children are 21, 19, 15. All still at home. I look forward to that transition, and not feel guilty. Will I miss them when they move out on their own, of course. But I plan on creating every hour of the day.


LOVE the quilt! And YAY for you time!!!

Amy So

Hi Kelly! I'm so glad I decided to stop by your blog today...happy to see you blogging again. LOVE your quilt, and the quilting is gorgeous! Glad you are enjoying your empty nest time. Hugs.


I think your quilting looks awesome and I completely appreciate how hard it is.
I'm in the same place you are (kid off to college, etc.) -- although mine graduated and came back! But he will be gone again soon enough and all my time, and my house, will be mostly mine again.


Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!


I feel the same way after having taught for 37 years and living by a bell! I love the freedom of retirement and I'm never bored!! Love your quilt!


Ooh, nice!

I've been longing for some solitary time, lately. Trying to paint while Andy naps. Not easy!

carol in seattle :)

I love that quilt! You are so amazing Kelly! I'm so happy that you're able to appreciate your alone time. I know I *LOVE* mine!


One of these days I'll have to expand beyond baby and children quilts and make one for us. You do such a great job, it looks so easy. Kelli has made three so far and each one is better than the last. I'll be starting baby clothes after Thanksgiving. I have a new great nephew/neice due on April 5 that I will be sewing for. I enjoy doing that most of all. My neice remembers dresses that I made her as a child and asks that I put a "Made for you" tag on what I make for her baby like I did for her. The joys of it...I'm so glad that my Mom taught me when I was 10 yrs old.


Beautiful quilt!!!! I envy you being a SAHM! That is my dream! I did it when the kids where young... They are gone now, and I want to be HOME!!! :)

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