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I too love her. I purchased the cd the day before the offical release at Target (they had authorization for early release) and have been playing it over and over.

Glad I'm not the only one


So glad you are back to posting. I love reading your blog! I may get the new Talor cd too.

Christine Campbell

She came here in concert to open for Brad Paisley when she first started out. I loved her then and I am not ashamed to say I love her still - she is really great in concert. Seriously. And I think her music just keeps getting better and better.

Nancy G.

Good to see you posting again!

I don't really listen to her music but think she is absolutely adorable...


As long as it's not Justin

Becky B.

Here goes...

I was one of the first in line to bash Taylor. Then I actually listened to her first album. She had me with the song Love Story. Now that her new album is out, I'm glad I don't have a daughter that listens to her and has her somewhat idolized. (Some of my friend with tween and teen daughters do.) I love her new album. You can tell she was pissed during some of those songs. I think it's catchy and I can now finally admit to you and to your readers that yes, indeed, I am now a fan of Taylor Swift's music.

Whew. Confessional time. That felt good.

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