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Cheri Vallery

forgot to update . LOVE these jeans .. they are perfect with my new riding boots tucked in, love the way they fit and the way they look .. thanks so much for the recomendation .. in fact I may just go see if they are still available and get me another pair :D


You are too funny! But nothing beats a great pair of jeans that fit well!


those are cute jeans. I need to get some new jeans.


Good for you Kelly!... I'm so happy that you've found your perfect pair! That is almost harder than finding a man you can live with! Anyway, I can totally relate with everything you wrote :) Seriously though... before you ever even flirt with the idea of throwing up your arms in frustration should your perfect pair(s) wear out, get lost or stolen, you must join the pact I have with my girlfriends here to never, ever, ever rock the "mommy jeans" look again!!!


Score!!! I have the boyfriend jeans (from Loft) in shorts and they are my faves!!! If Loft stops carrying them for good, Boden has some great boyfriend jeans. As soon as they go on sale again, I am buying two pair - just in case:)

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