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Patricia Daigle

haven't heard from you in a while and want to make sure that life is treating you well. I am on facebook and would love to hear from you.

Amy So

Dear Kelly: just checking in. Are you OK? Haven't heard from you in awhile...hope you are OK? HUGS!


Your bird photos and your quilt are great !


wow its awesome! You should make more and sell on ESTY!


one of these days i will make one of those rag quilts - they are adorable! i understand the privacy thing but you know i see you as my guiding light in the world of teen parenting. it has to be one of the toughest roads to navigate. so expect me to still ask you loads of questions


Yes, agree driving tends to be a very good time to talk. they definitely can't get away. LOL. Nice bird pictures and love the quilt!


Love the quilt!! Glad you had a good talk with John! I'm dreading the teenage years.

carol in seattle :)

I've found that driving in the car is one of the best times to actually find out about what my (crazy) son is thinking. Glad you got to have some of that - it sure makes your heart feel better huh?

Nancy G

Brother's girlfriends daughter...since Lon is married are we talking about Jeff?


Awesome that you had John had that talk. Not all doctors have great bedside manners. Honestly think that it's something you have to work at or be gifted with....had one who was highly respected in his field but had the bedside manner of a hammer. Love the quilt! A great welcome gift!!


Lovely post Kelly! Glad you had a good Monday and a breakthrough of sorts.

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