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CAPlastic Surgeon

I love Christmas. We have some great traditions.

wendy cooper

Love your sewing project. Going to go to the link for the snuglet to see if it is something I can handle making for my daughter. I love seeing pics of your projects

Steph :)

Alyssa will love it! And thank you for the instructions. :) I second that Mo saves the day, she can find anything you are looking for.


i clicked over thinking i would see a photo of you modeling it...(pout). i need to work on mine, they won't be as cute though. i am using some leftover fabric but i might venture out to pick up new stuff if those come out. so happy they were a success!


Sorry about the order for 40 but at least it's something you like to do! LOL! YAY for Pamela....she's always there to help save the day! Hope that you get pics of Alyssa when she's home modeling the Snuglet. LOL!

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