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i am a stack person horizontal surface stays neat


Our fridge is a complete disaster. (The inside isn't that great either!)

Amy So

I don't think it looks messy. It looks homey. Who wants to live in a pristine museum anyway? The things you love are the real art!!!

I have those same Mary E. magnets. I use mine on my kitchen door because yes: I have pictures on my fridge AND on my door!


I am sorry in advance- I'm a kitchen designer and my goal is to have a clean ref front when I leave a home and for years to come.
I include a piece of galvanized metal inside the largest cabinet door or inside the pantry or both for all this lovely "ref" art. then the people are happy-husband and me. go to home depot or lowes they sell it in flat sheets or in large rolls. take a magnet with you to store to make sure it will hold mageners, also vinyl is great on the metal. glad to see you are back,missed your blog

Dianna Bronkhorst

Kelly, I am from the same gene pool as you so need I say more. Love ya, have an awesome holiday and give hugs and kisses to everyone for me. Especially your Mom.

Teresa Wilkins

I have always had a refrigerator with cabinet door panels on it. I've not had the refrigerator art issue but I have always had a place on the wall with a collage of pictures. So, we all have "messy" issues somewhere!

Oh, I got the dishcloths yesterday. I have already washed them twice and now they are ready to use. Thank you so much. I love them!

Laura (vanmama on 2Peas)

Kelly, not only do I have pictures and other assorted papers stuck to my fridge, but I have refrigerator magnets--the kind that you get on vacation!!! My two year old granddaughter loves to move my magnets around. There's no getting rid of them now!

Who wants a cleaned off refrigerator anyway???


I love the place cards!!! You look absolutely beautiful in your profile picture too Kelly! :)


Great place cards! I'm an offender of anything vertical OR horizontal. LOL!

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