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pc smart

sounds like a wonderful gathering!

Debbie Newcomer

Hi Kelly

I went to High School with you I'am Debbie Newcomer (Goodburn) I love the picture you posted of all of you Cheerleading, I so remember Alison and all of you and always thought so much of you all, I still live in Vancouver and was so shocked of Alison's passing what a shame Im still in shock, do you know was it sudden, I just need to know what happened. I hope all is well with you and your life and family.

Thanks alot Debbie

Donna M.

Have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your mom and brother. We're not going to be able to make the trip back home this holiday season so I'm a little bummed, but we have a new puppy in the house so she makes up for a lot. Check out the blog and you'll see our sweet Abby. Hope your back is better soon. Take it easy and put Alyssa to work! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


What lovely bandanas for the canines. Make sure to take some pix!! I can't get enuf of Misty pix! Beautiful work as usual.


Just joined Facebook. Can't find you. Please help.
This year we are staying home for Thanksgiving. Jim and Kelli both have the day before and Thanksgiving off. Michael has the week off and I will be home also. This will be the first Thansgiving in three years that we will be together. Have been going to Yakima the last three years with only one of the kids. Not going this year - Michael is mad at Uncle Clyde for theating Kelli badly. So it will be a nice relaxing time. Have fun with your Mom and Lon. Randi




Can't wait to see the dogs sporting the new attire! Have fun with all of your family in town!

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