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Evelyn Bowen

That book is "I Believe" is one of many I own. I also chose to make that wallhanging but wasn't smart as you. Duh! With all that appliquing it's such a smart way to quilt it. I enlarged the letters 40% to make it bigger. Can't wait to try it again. Your work is indeed an inspiration. TFS


I LOVE your wall hanging. I have to check out that site.


I am loving this Christmas wallhanging. I went to their site, but their pictures are so small, I couldn't ascertain just where this pattern was located. Do you have the name of the book, or the name of the pattern?? I think I need it :)!! ~karen


I love your Christmas Quilts! I would have nevre thought to give them before the holiday. I always think that I give "for next Christmas". What a clever idea. HMMM. wonder if my sisters might try to con me into giving them TWO gifts if I deliver "early". Yeah, they probably would, they're "bad" like that, LOL!

wendy cooper

The wall hanging is absolutely beautiful! Wish Icould put my mind and time to doing projects like you do. Thanks so much for sharing your projectes. It does inspire me to do smaller scale projects. Hope your back feels better soon.

Kelly S.

Ugh. I had back surgery this past spring, so I'm an "expert" in recommending that if this pain continues you need to SEE A PROFESSIONAL. Seriously. Back pain can be highly treatable with all kinds of physical therapy. (I was lucky enough to be able to manage the pain through therapy for many years.)

Cute bag and sewing projects too! I am always inspired by the colors and patterns you use. :-)

Kelly in Ohio

Amy So

oh my. Your wall hanging is gorgeous!!!! Did you make one for yourself, too?


Sniff. Where's my wall hanging? I thought you said we were like sisters. :P

Just beautiful. Makes me actually want to dust off the machine. But first I would have to dust off the room.


Beautiful wall hanging! Enjoy the purse. Can't wait to see what else you create. I agree with Lisa....see a doctor!


Ooh, I love the wall hanging! Just gorgeous! What a great design, and I love the edge stitching.


Kelly I am in *AWE* of your Christmas quilt! I couldn't do that in a million years. Absolutely amazing!

Second, girl... get yourself to a Dr. You may have a fracture in there :(

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