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pc smart

i loved thirteenth tale...great descriptions really put you in the scene. i feel the same way about sitting and watching tv. i am usually going through magazines noting recipes or doing some sort of hand grandmother/MIL/great aunt were the same way.

Amy So

1. Thanks for spelling "dishcloth" correctly. everyone seems to spell it "dishclothe" which makes me insane.

2. I loved The Lacereader and Hotel on the will be a good book to discuss.

3. Hope your neck & back are feeling better!

Kelly S.

If you still have a surplus of dishcloths, you might consider donating some to your church's kitchen, local women's shelter, or Ronald McDonald House. Handcrafted items make even "institutional" kinds of places more like home. :-)

Kelly in Ohio


I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BROUGHT UP THE HAND-HELD YAHTZEE GAME!!! Just the other day, I was waiting in my car for my sister. I always have a book or cross-stitch with me but for some reason I couldn't find one. So, I reached into the back seat and pulled out the Yahtzee. I hadn't played it in years and I sat there and played over and over. I had forgotten how much I loved it. Too funny!!!


kelly dear, I hope to never again hear you call yourself boring. You're so very interesting! You read all kinds of books, listen to music, and craft. These three things alone I'd love to read about in addition to whatever parts of life you care to share about.

YOU are a wonderful person and I treasure your words because I get glimpses of you - I don't care what the subject matter is - I'm interested. :)



I remember getting Jim and Kelli those hand held games. They were kept in special bags for trips to Grandma/Grandpa in Yakima or Lincoln City. They still have everyone of them in their special bags. I once had an older friend who made dishcloths. She gave me one and I used it until it fell apart. Wish I knew how to make them..They are great dishcloths...can't get them in the stores. The Thirteenth Tale sounds like a book Kelli would like..Barnes and Noble has a coupon for 25% off one book this weekend - I'm going to go there and see if they have it. Will make a great Christmas present. Love Randi

Teresa Wilkins

Hi Kelly. I sure have missed your blog. I checked you everyday for a while then I went to every week when you were not posting. Now I have a reason to click on your name more often!!!

I love crocheted dishtowels. If you want to unload some...send them my way! LOL

Glad to hear the kids are doing ok. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.


Hmmm, I don't remember those hand held games. Weird. Maybe instead of dish cloths you should do hats or scarves? It's getting cold, you know. LOL!

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