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Just when I thought you had flown the "blog" coop what a nice surprise to "see" you back again. So very sorry about your friend. We have had some unexpected deaths lately and it just never gets easier to hear those kind of things, does it?
Enjoyed all your beautiful work. Almost makes a girl want to take up quilting. Your family is very lucky!!!!
Glad you are unboggled Kelly. We missed ya.


Sorry to hear about your friend...
I am glad you are back with your inspiring projects!


Love your blog! Glad you decided to keep doing it! So sorry about your friend......



So glad you're back! Love the projects and sorry about your friend. Checking your blog and seeing a new post caused my heart to skip a beat - I'm so glad you're ok!

kathryn m

Thanks for coming back to blog land. You were missed!

Amy So

I've missed your blog too and am happy to have you back! I love the photo of you sewing...that's awesome. AND. I have admired that fabric that you used for your placemat several times, LOVE the grapes on it, but talked myself out of it because I just haven't had enough sewing time. I LOVE what you did with it!


I was about to give up. Sure glad I didn't! Soooooo happy for your return. Keep on keeping on, Kelly!!


i am soooo glad you are back! i love your gloves! you know that i look to you as my guiding light on this dark journey of teen mothering - it is so good to hear things are going smoothly now.


Welcome back Kelly! I know exactly how you are feeling as I haven't blogged in months now. I'm all about Facebook too so I guess I need to be brave and make a decision about what to do myself. Thanks for the update and I'm glad to see you back :-)


I am also glad you are back. You know that you could have a career in writing if you ever get tired of crafts!


So sorry for the loss of your friend. BUT .. So glad to see you back...I checked everyday and was wondering what happened to you. Life here goes on. Kelli is still working in Battle Ground she loves her work..Jim still works at Lowes and is planning a trip to Vegus to visit Michaels brother. Neil Andrew is now living in Renton, haven't been up there to see him least he is close now. Michael and I are going to Lincoln City on Dec 5 to see Teen Idle (featuring Mark Lindsay (Paul Revere and the Raiders), Micky Dolenz (The Monkees) and Peter Noone (Hermans Hermits)) . Michael really doesn't want to go but he'll go for me. I'm e-mailing you also..private things to tell you. Love Randi..

Lynette T.

So very glad you are back, I missed you like crazy. Sorry to here about your friend, life does have a way of throwing us off track.

carol in seattle :)

WOOHOO! Glad to see you back in blog-land. I can't wait to see your Christmas creations!


HOT DAMN! Condolences on your loss. Love the projects and can't wait to see what you're working on now. Have fun with your mom!

wendy cooper

She's Baaaack! Thank you so much for posting those great sewing projects you are working on. Very inspiring. Sorry for your loss. Glad your children are doing well.

Covered In Crafts

WoW! Great pictures!

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