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wendy cooper

Please come back to the blog world. I miss your posts --- especially your crafts. The sewing projects always inspired me to be crafty. Hope you come back


Hope all is well... miss your posts.

Kelly in Ohio

Debbie P

Kelly, are you coming back? I keep checking, hoping you have left a new post. You don't know me either, but I have really enjoyed your blog over the past several years. Hope all is OK. Please let us know.


Where are you? I know we don't 'know' each other but your spirit and experiences and life stories are wonderful! I hope you're ok!

katie scott

pretty pictures - I'm still trying to find some Adirondack chairs.


Hedgehogs? Everything I've looked at says there aren't any hedgehogs in North America.

Great hummingbird photos!

Laura (vanmama on 2Peas)

Kelly! Where are you!


Now that I'm back from vacation I am trying to catch up on blogs. Still love yours!! Great photos. We are trying to get our hummers back after being gone so long.


What about the raccoons...We had one visit us for a week, it would stroll through the back yard up the tree and over the fence. By the time I could get a camera, it would be up the tree and I couldn't get a picture of it. We haven't seen it sor a couple of weeks now. Randi


Your deck looks gorgeous! And look at the cute little hummers :) I'm with you on the 'possums...they remind me of huge rats. And yep, here in Sammamish, we have a few bears -just last weekend my neighbor 3 doors down called to say there was a bear out behind our fence. So I sat at my window for 1/2 hour, waiting and listening with my camera. Nothing. Of course when I have a camera ready...


Love the pictures! Have to say that the only possum I've seen are road kill. Pretty much everything that has 4 legs I've only seen as road kill.


oh Kelly. I love your furniture. that is what i am hoping for when we move south.

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