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Those are awesome photos. Way to go!! They really are amazing little creatures. I am also not a bird lover but I don't think hummingbirds really count in the bird category. They're too cool!!

Delightful Dwelling

Great pictures! I just love hummingbirds. We don't get any at our house, but my grandma will have dozens of them fighting over her feeders.


i love hummingbirds - i tried to do the feeder thing but i could not keep up with it. you have inspired me to try again!


Oh Kelly, you're not a dork - check out Ashley Gailey stalking her scarlet tanager. And I was happy dancing when I saw a goldfinch tapping at my bird seed. Must buy more and stake out the bird feeder.


Love the pictures! You're not a dork. I sat quite a few times with the camera glued to my eye back in GA trying to get pictures of the hummers. LOL!

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