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happy bday alyssa! kelly, don't sweat the veggie thing...i did it too. my cousin also came back from her first year of college as a vegan. it seems to be a right of passage along the lines of the freshman 15...


I keep reading 3-6-0 Three Hundred and Sixty YEARS - Right?! Wow!! Where did Fiskars start as the US wasn't around back then! So happy you had such a good time at a scrapbooking/paper crafting event. Happy birthday to Fiskars and, off course, Alyssa!


Happy Birthday Alyssa. I remember when she was born. Just found out last night that my niece Staci is going to have a baby in late Feb early March. We are hoping for a girl - but as long as it is healthy we really don't care what sex it is. Will let you know more when I learn more. Love Randi


Happy birthday, Alyssa! Happy birthday, Fiskars. You can never have too much Fiskars. LOL!

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