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Pam Martorano


I meant he will be respected even more for his willingness to make everything right!

Pam Martorano

What a relief Kelly! This is such fantastic news! I just knew he'd pull through because, outside of the poor choices he made, he sounds like an intelligent, thoughtful, sincere and sensitive young man. Ans as far as the respect factor, I think of the "Prodigal Son" story....he will be respected more than for his willingness to work hard and make everything right.

Wonderful news!


i am soooo happy to read this! not just because john has turned his life around but because it shows that teens can step up and take responsibility for their actions and make better choices. i have been waiting to read something like this from you and i am thrilled for you because i know it gives you a sense of peace you have been needing.

Nancy G.

Kel, fabulous report on John. I had a long talk with Nick about what had happened with John after your initial report. It seemed to really open his eyes to the dangers of even one bad decision. I can only hope that like John he continues to find strength in my love and faith in him and we will have similar results.

P.S. I think he looks fantastic, just the way he is.


hey john wait a go, also since your mom can't talk about you anymore-one thing that might improve adult's outlook is to grow your hair back-don;t do army style do a short messy do with a little gel
cause your a cute kid-the army cut makes you look harsher. first time i've commented l have been reading your blog for a long time. thANKS KELLY


just please be sure to tell alyssa and john that we love their mom. and since they are such a big part of your life, we love them too.


this post makes me happy happy.. so glad to hear he has turned around... What a good kid :)

Becky Bray

This is probably the best post I've ever read on your blog. It brought tears to my eyes.

Way to go, Kel. And way to go, John!!!!



wonderful story!


Awesome job, mommy!

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