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Kerry Mohondro

Kelly: I've followed the link to your blog from 2 peas on occassion much as I did today on a thread and since you don't know me from Adam, I've never commented. Our kids are the same age and you are enduring similar life hurdles as me so I just wanted to reach out today and give you some vitual hugs and let you know that you just have to keep holding on tight to your positive attitude and keep believing that all life lessons are valuable!

Your kids will be fine, you've built a strong foundation, and you will be fine too as you transition to the next phase of parenthood... letting go as they turn into bondfide adults. My daughter is also wrapping up her freshman year of college and my 17 year old son has given me many challenges, most recently a 17 month battle with depression and anorexia which is a toughie w/ boys...ugh!

I laughed out loud scrolling through your posts because I also rec'd the AARP invite and had the EXACT reaction... and, I hate to admit it to a complete stranger... have experianced the horror of chin hair myself recently! Gasp!

Anyway, just another kindred spirit out here rooting for you, praying for your family and sending thoughts your way.

Take care,


that poem is beautiful! your mother is right - you can't let it consume you. when i was living for other people, i neglected myself. i gained over 100 pounds because i had to keep my blood sugar steady - low BS meant i could not function and take care of people. the first year i took things slowly but i still made everyone but myself a priority. it wasn't until after knee surgery (which i put off nearly a year because i had to be there for my family), that i decided to put myself first. it was a difficult decision and was not popular with other moms (who could not understand why i couldn't volunteer because i had yoga, had to walk, etc). i am nearing the homestretch with less than 20 pounds to go...maria has finally decided to follow my example and is going to WW, sam is exercising and losing, and samuel is also a lot more active decision became a driving force for our entire taking care of yourself, you are setting an example, providing a model for the rest of your family. you have to be happy with yourself in order to be the rock they need. keep walking!


Ahhh . . . Kelly. How sweet and I know that is so extremely special to you! And I'm with you on the gardening thing (is there any surprise in that?). Hugs.


Happy belated Mother's Day. My dogwood tree is in full bloom. Sure is pretty, all pink. We planted flowers two weekends ago. Michaels favorite is Petunas (sp), so we bought 4 palets from Fred Meyers. We have 5 whiskey barrels that we put these in plus four homemade planters in the back garden. I still have one planter left, will be getting daisies for that one. This past weekend we planted tomatos (five of them), so I will be busy in Aug and Sept making salsa. Kelli took me out for breakfast and Jim bought me cut flowers and took me to see Star Trek for Mother's Day. Very busy. Go in for surgery on Wed, have a small lump on my little toe that is getting removed. Will be out of work for a week. Depending on what the doctor says next week will determine if I go back to work then. Love Randi


Aww - that made ME tear up and I don't even HAVE kids. You're a good mom Kel - and your kids know it and love you for it. You'll all get through this crazy time - who knows, you might even look back as a family and laugh someday - probably about the time that John is starting to raise his OWN kids. And Grandma will be able to laugh and say, 'you earned it!' ;)


*SNIFF* Happy Mother's Day!


John's poem made me cry. I hope to be half the mom you are as my children grow. I just need to remember there is no instruction book for parenting.


I'm so happy for you, reading this. If anybody deserves a Happy Mother's Day, it's you my friend. Always thinking of you....


Oh Kelly, your post brought tears to MY eyes. Thanks for the inspiration today. Helps me see the silver linings, and how love runs deeper than present situations. Big hugs and Happy Mother's day. XO

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