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carol in seattle :)

Gotta ask though...does it smell like marigolds like the Colossal does? Cuz man, that stuff was STINKY! I threw it away after the first day when I could still smell it 18 hours later.

tracy whitney

Hi Kelly -
I will be taking you up on your lipstain suggestion. I too have become a makeup/skin care snob over the years (especialy for eye shadow and eyeliner). However, I have found a few fav's that will not break the budget.
One day I was browsing the Chanel counter in need of mascara. The woman told me they were out of her favorite silky formula and then whispered to me that I should try Maybelline, Lash Discovery. Wow.
The tiny brush give so much control!

I love Aveda skin care, but it's too pricey for me these days. I have found that I am really happy Aveeno Positivley Radiant Cleanser.
Also - the BEST beauty secret ever? Sugar. Mix a teaspoon or less with your favorite cleanser in your palm. A great exfoliator!

Amy So

I like Lancome myself, but I've been using the lipstain and think it's awesome, too!

So...I didn't realize that you are a fellow ANTM watcher. Whoo hoooo! I desperately wanted Celia to win even though I knew she wouldn't. After she was off I was sort of like.....ehhh, I don't care who wins. Haley wanted Allison, though, so that's who I was hoping for. Were you happy with the ending???


lashblast is the mascera I use... and most of the rest of my drawer is from Sephora!! LOVE that stuff too.

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