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Yay!!!! I hope you have a wonderful summer together :-)

Becky B.

Okay, first of all - - Yay!!!! That post almost made me cry.

Second - - that is the cutest rag quilt. I *really* want to make one, but I'm scared. I need to re-visit the Bucket and get those instructions. It should be a summer project for me.

I think you are one awesome Mom. Your kids are very lucky to have you.

Mary Kay Seckinger

I just read back through and caught up on all that has been happening with you, my dear Kelly. So sorry for the struggles; I know I could never have imagined how HARD parenting would be. Glad things seem to be looking up, and either way, know my thoughts are with you. <3




Have a fabulous summer with your kiddos home!


It's so nice to have daughters home. Kelli goes back to Yakima in 3 weeks for her last 2 weeks of school. She gets her Vet. Tech. pin on Wednesday June 10 and graduates on June 11. Then its into the real world of trying to find a job. I'm glad Alyssa is home .. enjoy your summer with her. Love Randi

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