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Katie Watson

Kelly, I just emailed you......I am in the SAME situation as you right now......our boys sound so much alike...the "And his latest declaration is that he is not going to compromise his integrity by bowing to authority. " is SO completly my son.... We need to talk, soon!


Hope you take care of yourself because you are the glue that holds everyone together..........and so if you need surgery maybe you should just go for it. I had a hysterectomy the day my husband was across the country coaching a football game. I decided to go for it even though the timing was not good and it was the best decision ever. Good luck and don't put your health on hold.............

praying everything works out for you...........


I'm sorry you are going through this with your son. What a hard situation to deal with as a mother! It sounds like you are doing the right things, though! Prayers for you and your family!


Parenting is such tough work...right now my problem is my son's internet addiction. I can't imagine the fireworks if I cancelled his WOW account. But I just found out he's getting a D in calculus, and how am I going to tell my husband? Hang in there, and I'll be hoping for a positive outcome for your surgery.


((((((Kelly)))))) . . . I've seen this happen with so many HS kids and know it's a hard road for parents, and definitely not one that means you've failed in any way, even though I know you feel like it. Thinking about you.


hugs, hugs, hugs.


Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about all the troubles that you and your family are going through. I've always felt a bond with you since we've moved into Loudoun County and I love Brother and I feel so bad for you.

I pray that John can overcome whatever difficulties he's facing. Parenting is such a hard job, and I pray for you, too.



My thoughts have been with you lately. I was hoping back in Jan. when you mentioned that John was in trouble with the law that it wasn't drugs. But deep down I thought that it was. My brother, Neil, was aslo a smart teenager. He quit school after 10th grade because he thought he was smarter than his teachers, that he didn't have to do homework because he too got A's on all his tests (which proved that he knew the subject). I wasn't at home during that you know. I found out later that he was into marijuana and was caught with it at school (he said it wasn't his that it belonged to a friend - my folks backed him up relizing that it had to be his). When he quit school he was given 30 days to find a job or get out. Making a long story short..Neil turned out alright. He went back at age 18 and got his GED, had a lovely daughter, got married, then divorced and found Christ. He is now a plumber in California making $25 dollars an hour and wishing he never expiemented with drugs as a child. Jordan knows the terror he was to his folks as a teenager and is glad that this experience was one of the many factors that made him into the man she knows and loves as her Dad. I always wondered what would have happened to him if he didn't have the love and support of his family during the time of his bad decissions as a teenager, I only know that he is my baby brother and I love him as much now as I did when I first saw him as a tiny baby. Keep loving John and don't let him forget that whatever he does he has you love and support forever. Love Randi


You are going through what we all, as parents, fear could happen. Being a parent is definitely the hardest job in the world. Prayer right now is what will get you both through this. I say go with your gut feelings and trust your instincts in dealing with whatever you must. Hopefully things will work out better than you fear. Take care!!


Hugs and prayers for you and your whole beautiful family.


HUGS! P&PT that John finds his way thru this and for your upcoming surgery.

I had some friends in high school that were like that. They were bored, not challenged and refused to do work yet they were some of the smartest in the class. I'm sure rebellion was in there, too. Just keep doing what you're doing and no one can ask any more from you....


oh {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} no words of wisdom for you. I will just say some prayers for strength being a parent is the hardest job in the world.


oh Kelly my heart breaks for you and John and the struggles you are going through. I have to believe that as a parent the best we can do is instill the knowledge of how to make the right choices. That does not mean when the child makes wrong choices it's because we have failed. I watched my mother stuggle for years with the belief that she was responsible for the choices my brother made. His choices were just that his. Thankfully we all survived and I know that you and John will too. HUGS my friend and I will keep you all in my prayers


Kelly, I don't know what to say. You have been tested and challenged in so many ways and everytime things are headed in an upswing something else happens. I have only positive thoughts to send to you and John, long distant support and caring, and good wishes and prayers for both both John's health and yours. Stay strong. I know you don't always believe it, but you are one of the strongest women I know. E-mail me directly if there is anything I can do for you, Love and tons of hugs, Donna


Just wanted to pray that your burden and John's gets lighter.

I feel a kinship to him because we face alot of the same stuff and it is hard...and to add a teenage boy to the mix...whoa

You are in my prayers!

Laura (vanmama from 2Peas)

Oh, Kelly...what a struggle you've all had with this beautiful boy of yours...I will keep your family in my prayers as you weather this next storm in John's life. You are so right...good kids make bad decisions. We, as the parents, love them so much and just want the best for them. Hugs...


i don't know what i could possibly say to make you feel better. we all struggle with the thought that we failed in some way because we don't have the perfect child, or even one that is close to perfect. we sit with other moms who go on and on moaning about how awful it is that 'susie' dropped down to #4 in the class from #1 because her AP physics grade was a 'B' - her first B ever (it makes me nauseous to listen to them). all the while we are just praying our child passes. the same goes for sports, music, drama, dating, etc. We just want our child to be normal, to be happy and to not screw up too badly. we put our lives on hold while we try to get them through to adulthood and pray they make the right choices when we are not there to look over their shoulder and guide their hand. you have had the added burden of dealing with an enemy who fights you every step of the way. john's disease is an opposing force to your loving mothering. it takes him places you never wanted him to have to go and leads him to make choices which go against all you stand for. you are fighting the disease as much as you are fighting the child. take a deep breath and realize it is a formidable opponent. you may not win a clear victory but you can hope for a standoff until his hormones have calmed enough for him to walk the good path. don't waver, don't give up but realize you may lose a few battles along the way even though you are doing the best anyone could in this situation. be strong for him, be present, let him find you when he needs you. hugs and loads of love....


Kelly: CHeck your blog frequently and just saw this post. I know this is may overstepping but I have a couple of instant drug test that use spit. I would be happy to send to you for "emergencies". Just email me with your address if you want. Really simple to use.

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