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I waould've given ANYTHING when I was a sorority "chic" for a mama would could make my letters!! I spent a fortune on those suckers! You rock :)


I think this is just terrific. I was waiting to read this entry til I had time to pour over it. you did an amazing job explaining and now I understand why you didn't have to foldover. Great pictures too! Thanks for showing this...I have a few years til my first goes to college, but those few year go by WAY fast, I know! XO

geri litzen

Super cute! Looks hard though! I'm a skeeerdy cat for such things. You are a GREAT MOM...I bet she loves 'em.


first off, THANK YOU. I've been having trouble with my t-shirts for the girls and I'm going to try the products you use. I think the backing tear away stuff will help me greatly.

Secondly, I could see some cute tank tops & fitted v-necks looking cute with the sorority letters too. This is a fabulous project, and I'm so thrilled that you and Alyssa got to work on something together.

Thanks for all the great photos and tips!

dana smith

I'm a Chi O!!! University of Kentucky Lambda Alpha Chapter.....Class of '79. There's no better sorority! Chi Omega you're a wonder and when we are old and gray. We will all say yes by thunder we were Chi O's in our day! Now that's the nice little ditty.........there was another one........chi O chi O ......with everyone we's up......and on our.....chi O chi O. Gotta fill in the dots! What is it???


I am so thrilled that you posted the instructions for us. Yours turned out great and it sounds like Alyssa will be putting you to work if you're not careful. I'm so happy that you two have transitioned into a new place :-)

Steph #1 Buckeye Fan

Kelly, those turned out FABULOUS!

We also made our own Sorority t-shirts in college.

You could now make purses with the logo, canvas bags (I made one for myself), decorate towels, the ideas are endless! :)


love the colors!


really cute. Michael's frequently has the shirts on sale 5 for $10 but it doesn't include the "junior" cut that most girls prefer. I have found when JoAnn's have them on sale, they don't exclude the junior cut. I paid $2 the last time I bought.


they look fabulous!!!!! are you ironing the letter on in reverse so they are right on the printed side of the fabric? is it easier to sew one layer at a time onto the shirt or to create a complete applique with both layers and then iron it onto the shirt? is your fabric prewashed? did you wash/dry the shirt first to avoid having it shrink disproportionately to the applique. can you tell this is one of those projects we have done before? i also like "silk screening" tshirts (i don't use the super correct method but it works just fine)

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