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Your blogging about sewing has been on my mind recently because I needed to find my own "happy place" lately. Too strange that your post would be about a frantic aspect of sewing. :-)

I'm hand paper piecing a hexagon pattern round tablecloth for our kitchen table as I'm recovering from back surgery. I used a die cut machine to precut the paper before surgery. Now I'm just doing the basting, then start to piece them together by hand. Should be interesting, since the neck collar doesn't alow me to look down much (which is why I'm not machine sewing something). Anyway... just thought that I'd share that I'm trying the sewing therapy thing myself. (I had always associated sewing with stress, due to some LOUD conversations when I was learning to sew from my mother growing up.)

Just wanted to let you know you inspired me. :-)

Kelly in Ohio

Becky B.

Those outfits are adorable. You do rock!!!

geri litzen

Wow Kelly, that's amazing about your experience with Mt St Helens. Unforgettable, that's for sure! I'm happy that Mt Redoubt is across the inlet from us, so we can observe but not evacuate. Eeeeeek. That ash fall is not too bad so far. We are glad of that.

Take care!


What a great mom you are! I'm sure those kids really appreciated you. You are now the cool mom in the group. ;)


How hilarious!! And sometimes looking the best is just as good as winning!


That is such a cute story! Seriously, my son is 18 and leaves for college in the fall...we have many choices, but my #1 choice is the University 30 minutes away. Far enough for some rite of passage and growing up, but close enough for a rescue. Good work, mama!


this is all soooo familiar - i can see this being me in a few years


Congratulations mom you did it. I'm one who always looks to my mom for help. Especially sewing help, I'm always so thankful she's there.


You ROCK!!!!!!!!


Now THAT is a great story! Way to go mom! I guess this is what I have to look forward to next year, but my daughter will probably be 7 hours away! Ackkkkkk!!!!!


Ah, I remember the Greek Sing days very well! In my four years, we won three out of four.

Gotta say, my parents never even visited me on campus after the initial drop-off. My mom didn't "get" sororities and thought it was stupid, so I just didn't talk about it much with them. I had a great time, however.

I still can't believe you did that, especially with everythign going on in your life. Alyssa is so lucky to have you! Good luck tomorrow. I love ya!


Thank goodness they had you! I'm wondering if this is something similar to Sing Song that we did in college . . . but it was a huge production and usually the parents showed up for the weekend. But still thinking it could be similar.

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