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Kelly, your blog entries always touch me. i've just read your last 3 or 4 entries. i'm thrilled to see a picture of you and your husband. honestly, for the longest time i thought you were a single mother. it is great that you protect his privacy, but he sure is cute!! the email message from your girlfriend is wonderful. my son is 15 and i know we've got difficult days ahead of us. your experiences help me so much. it is impossible to step back and have perspective when you're in the midst of the drama. i haven't joined the facebook world. it frightens me. i'm still close to my home town and keep in touch with a few friends. getting in touch with others frighten the heck out of me - those insecurities from high school. i wish we had had a swing choir. i soooo would have enjoyed that. i was in concert and madrigal choirs. i also sewed my own clothes. i remember some really hip plaid elephant pants!! keep up the good work with your etsy shop. most of all, enjoy your week with alyssa.


Kelly I loved your blog today. From the parking to pick her up to the sleeping and the sorority applique. I once made this pillow with my boyfriend and my greek letters meeting in the "pi" in the center. OMG I was kinda queer, but I remember it so fondly. I used fabric to applique it to linen, and then created a pillow out of it. WHAT FUN. Can you take some photos and show us your miraculous work?! :) XO


thanks for giving me hope that my eye rolling days do have an end in sight!!!! have a great time!


Have a fabulous time and a safe road trip! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the shirts!


This brings back so many memories of when my daughter was in college. Now she is married living 6 hours away. She is coming in next weekend for my grandson's birthday. I can fully understand how you are feeling.


Sewing Greek letters on t-shirts (and anything else) is SO easy... Cut out the letters from whatever fabric you want and then apply that iron on fusible fabric stuff you get from the craft store (I can't think of the name right now). It comes in sheets. Then iron the letters on where ever you want them (t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote bag... front, back....) Next, use a tight zigzag stitch on your machine to "outline" the letters making sure to catch some of the shirt and some of the letter... mostly letter... and since they are already ironed on in place with the fusible fabric stuff, no need for pinning!! I made letters on t-shirts in college for some extra cash. :) Happy sewing!!


Yeh! I know EXACTLY how you feel about seeing your dd again. I consider mine indeed a dear dear friend. (She is 19) My Jenny comes home for break on this coming saturday. :) Have a great break with yours!

Kim B.

I so feel your excitement. Liz made it home yesterday. We went to lunch and mall. Today she's off to the zoo with her dad and little brother. I'm going to miss it because I am headed to my monthly stamping up workshop. Tonight's it's her favorite dinner on the grill. I do love this new side of them.

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