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Wow......this is exactly how I feel on facebook when I ask someone from high school to be my friend. You've got a great knack for insight and your always dead on!


Kelly, I wish you were my neighbor!! I always find myself agreeing with you. I graduated around the same time (I have that same haircut in my senior photo!!), and I was also in choir. Loved this post!

P.S. I just downloaded Steely Dan's "My Old School" onto my Ipod :)

Amy So

Kelly! I love the senior picture. Such a fun way to see you! I know exactly what you mean. Facebook is giving me nightmares and insecurities and bringing up all sorts of old emotions. (I sorta/kinda blogged about the same thing yesterday!) I've not really found a good thing about it yet, to be honest! But, I am so happy that it is helping you help John. That's great.

While I have you, my email is still all wonky. I'm not ignoring you, just can't deal with how SLOW it is. Supposed to be fixed by Monday! Hugs!


this is why I don't facebook. I don't want to reconnect to the person that I was or the people i was with. I don't want to feel those feelings again. I already feel them through my children's experiences in elementary and junior high school. Plus, I really don't want to have to deal with their circumism or hear they be negative.
I am very much in touch with how tough my kids have it compared to how we had it. I really just want to be there for my kids and be the best mom I can be.

Nancy G.

Well, I don't qualify as a high school classmate, but still get to claim "I knew you when". Keeping that in mind, you still seem very much the same to me, in all of the best ways. You were always so creative, kind and compassionate. The same qualities that shine through today. Being a teenager is HARD, and yes, Facebook does bring some of those issues back up, but it is cool to look back and find new ways to relate to our kids. I guess that is one of the reasons I like working with high school kids so much, I think I fit in better now than I did back then.

My son however, approaches life in an entirely different manner. He is very comfortable in his own skin and doesn't hide the fact that he still likes action figures, video games and just plain flat being goofy. "Cool" is not something he strives for at all. Being a teenager, all it takes are unkind words or feeling left out to hurt him deeply.

I ran across some old pictures of you the other day when I was doing some cleaning. I think I will have to dig them back up and do a little Facebook posting of my own!!

Lots of love, Nancy


I recently had a rather odd exchange with someone from my high school class (yes, on Facebook) which only served to confirm my lack of desire to attend my 20 year reunion this summer.


after mulling this post over in my head i was wondering....if you could go back would you still hide your sewing skills?

Becky B.

Facebook has evoked a lot of the same feelings with me. A lot! What a cool blog entry.

BTW - - I think you look exactly the same. Sans the blue eye shadow. I tried to pick you out of that choir picture before I read the entry and did. Cool.

Kelly, I think you are a fabulous person. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother.


Wow...I also made my dress for my senior picture. Juliet sleeves and umpire top, long floor length. I made my first outfit for my favorite doll "Danny" when I was 10 years old, Still have "Danny" and the outfit. Both of my kids played with "Danny". He is now in storage in my closet waiting for grandkids to love him. I never kept my love for sewing from others..they knew which outfits I made. I remember having to take sewing in home ec. in 7th grade (1970)..I kept telling the teacher that I had been sewing for years..she didn't believe me until we started sewing. I was always the first one done with whatever we were working on at the time, well before she even went over the next step. I still correnspond with her at Christmas. Also, I didn't know that you and Kelli had singing in common. She went on and competed on her own, winning several competitions, including District as a senior. Her singing got her scholoships for college, which paid for her first year. She continued for several more years until she found her love she is following that dream. Love Randi


Loved reading this entry about you and your high school days!

I do have to say, the insecurities I had then I don't have now with mine. It's been replaced with the all encompassing "Can they tell how fat I am in that profile pic?" (and if not, they can if they look at the Paris pics).

I'm better friends with some of the HS people than I ever was then -- in HS, and in some cases, even in elementary school. Through our aging, we've discovered we have similar interests/beliefs/etc.


Brilliant Kel. Love ya!


Wow Kelly you pretty much summed up everyone's high school life. The way you were is a tiny part of who we are but it is alot of who we are today. I am so thankful for Facebook too I have reconnected with old high school friends and gotten to be friends with some at high school that I knew but would have never been friends with me because I wasn't in the "in" crowd.


in some ways i suppose i was the total opposite of you. i did what i wanted, dressed the way i wanted and didn't give a poop what anyone thought. i was the only rebel goth/punk (in the early 80's) in a school of izod preps. i made stuff and wore it (hideous though it was), i cut my own hair and pierced my ears (no one pierced anything else back then, i did my navel in my 30's and my nose in my 40's....gee, what is left?). i listened to the sex pistols, the clash, etc while everyone else was grooving to lionel ritchie or journey. i zigged when they all zagged. i guess i haven't changed at all, huh? i wonder that a good thing? am i staying true to myself or just not growing as a person? thanks for the trip down memory always make me think.... i am so glad you decided to write this entry....

Pam Martorano

Kelly, this post was fantastic! I will e-mail you at some point some additional thoughts I have about this same issue. I had purposely left my Vancouver past behind because of my own issues and reasons but I realized at some point that I was shutting out part of who I was. I know we really didn't know each other that well in school, and that you sre talking mostly about Chris and Gayle, but I remember you always being a kind and friendly person whose family lived around the corner. My mom still lives there so when I drive down Burdick I think of Pam Wo., Gayle, you and various other friends I knew. I would always wonder "I wonder what happened to...." and now, in some cases, I know! It's been so fun to reconnect with you and everyone else and I hope, in our own small way, we can enjoy getting to know a little about each other as adults. Thanks for sharing Kelly!


WOW! Those are some deep thoughts. LOL! I'm not sure that I ever really cared what they thought...didn't matter really since I was in Honors/AP and everyone already knew that I was a geek plus I started out high school as #1 in my class (graduated #11 though) so I guess the geek title was stuck. I'm still best friends with my best friend from high school though. We've been thru dating, thru college, thru MD and PhD stuff, thru marriage, thru kids, thru it all. She's been there for me as I have for her. I guess I'm lucky in that we've seen each other in the early years and are still around for us now.....

Loved the sewing creations! Not sure why you'd hide it though.

Steph G.

Kelly, that is such a great post. It really made me think. I feel the same way about high school and I have a handful of friends that have sent friend requests that I have not responded to because of the old "high school" feelings. I may just take a baby step and accept one or two to see how it goes:) Thanks.

I love the picture of you with your blue eyeshadow and your wool suit. You are just like your clothing, a classic. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself through your blog:)

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