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I am so happy you are in each other's Hearts.. You need this my sweet lady! I hope you have a stress free week.....


doesn't it take you back to when your daughter was little? i get like that with little kids, remembering when mine were small.... she did a great job on that bag...hey, miss kelly...can you come teach me how to sew too? my machine just does not want to accept me as it's master, it senses my fear


i can just see how proud she'll be to tell her teacher and classmates that she made the bag. very cute!!


She is a little cutie and just much joy as she gives you, you give to her and she will remember that forever! Doesn't that just make you smile??? Happy sewing :-)

Stacy B

Awesome! What a cute bag and a cute girl!


WOW! really cute bag and even cuter friend!

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