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Okay, just getting to the blog reading. I've been so much better with FB communications lately!

So glad that John's in school . . .hoping nothing has changed in the 2 weeks. What a relief for you and him.

And what sorts of issues does PSE7 resolve? I need to know . . . you know, if Andy ever gets a job again and I have money to spend!


happy dance! for both of you....
(and thanks for convincing me to upgrade my elements, i am always a software holdout)


Popping in to say hello!!! Thankful all is well with you and the family!


Hope things keep looking up for all of you! Great photos:).

Janine Wahl

Thanks Kelly for the link to the actions. Yay for your son being back at school. Hope all goes well!


Being back in school has to be such a relief!! You never know how much you miss something until you can't have it for a long period of time. You now have me very intrigued about PSE 7.0! And what are you going to sell on Etsy? I'll be checking back on this blog to find out! (Wingnut)


For me, it doesn't get any better than free actions! Thanks for the link!


Your pictures are just beautiful. you're so talented!!


Yay! I hope school goes well for John.


I'm so glad for both of you that things are going well. Congrats to John and best of luck to him back at school. Congrats to you on your new computer and the new Etsy venture. So glad to hear you happy again. Hugs of support and love to you, Donna


Yay for John! That is such good news - and while some kids do okay at home, I agree about the peer thing. Plus, I'm with you - I treasure those quiet times when I have the house to myself. My own boy is at the inauguration today (well...I think currently he's headed to the airport, trying to get through the traffic and people) what a nightmare. But it sounds like he's been having fun, and luckily my visions of some terrorist attack did not come to fruition. You're right, let's just get past this and hope the change is good.


I'm doing the happy dance for you, Kelly.

I can't wait to see what you have in your Etsy shop. You have me in such a "fabric" mood that I am going to dig out the fabric I bought last year when you posted one of your quilts and attempt to sew it.

Glad to see you back blogging. Hope all is well with Alyssa in school. Can't believe it's already the 2nd semester! YIKES. Before we know it, they will be moving back home for the summer.

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, that is AWESOME news! I am happy for you both!

We had the Vista learning curve here for a few weeks, too. Did you know that Microsoft is now abandoning Vista and developing Windows 7 (I think), so here in another 9 months or so it will be another new learning curve. Yay us!!! ;)


So glad that John is back in school with his friends and you have some "me" time again!

I second the PW but more for her cooking and her ongoing story of how she met her hubby. The photo stuff is good, too. LOL!

I can't wait to see what you put in your store. Hayley still loves to wear the scarf that you sent her.

And sorry....but you can't call that snow. Snow is what we got here. bwahahahaha!


I've read your blog for a while and I am so glad that things are looking up for you and your family!!! I hope that you make some rag quilts for your etsy shop. I love them!!!


Glad that John is back in school. A boy needs to have his friends around. As for the inauguration...I can't wait for it to be over either. I'm tired of all the comments concerning his race. We'll just have to wait and see if he comes through with what he says he wants to do..I don't think he will -- it may have to wait for the next President. Randi


glad your life is returning to normal. My VERY FAV actions are free at If you haven't stumbled across her blog before, I promise it will be a regular stop. She has two free sets.

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