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may flaum

I can't imagine why Alyssa would cancel what she was doing/why roomies would be mad. it's not like they would have let the girls see her or visit!

I do hope this all gets sorted out and that this troubled girl gets the hope she SO needs

Linda Hofacker

I so agree - My daughter is a junior at ONU and is going to move into an apartment next year with 2 friends that have the same type of ideas of how to cohabitate! Her current room mate is a doll but just doesn't have a clue about real life!

Hugs to you and your daughter - hope all turns out well.


Oh UGH! She's certainly had more than her fair share of girl drama. I hate it when they pull in people to get their side of the story. The good news is she's not being "summoned" to the girls' parents Embassy Suite room to have a big old meeting with about 6-8 other people! tehehe . . .do I sound like I'm speaking from experience???

Hugs to you guys. . .


i too had roommate dramas in college....and being an only child, i was clueless. this girl is troubled and i am sure the university does not want to be responsible for her anymore. alyssa has her head in the right place, hopefully the sorority will be a just the thing she needs....


How horrible that the poor girl felt the need to attempt suicide. I'm so sorry that Alyssa is having to deal with all of it. Congratulations to her on the sorority.


Congrats to Alyssa on the sorority :-) That's great.

I feel so badly that she is having to deal with all this drama. I hope everything turns out ok with the roommate situation for her.


I am so sorry Alyssa had to go through all of this and of course am very concerned for her roommate. I hope the roommate gets the help she needs. I'm with you on the girl drama and am so not looking forward to it. So far sixth grade drama isn't anywhere near whatAlyssa has to deal with. Here's hoping that Alyssa can deal with what is going on (I'm sure her new sisters will help) and she can get back on track for the rest of the semester. Hugs to you both.


In answer to the sorority question. You can't wear the letters unless you're a member so it's a huge deal. It means she's officially part of the group.

I just hope that helps take her mind off of some of the other things going on.

Sudie Alexander

Big hugs to Alyssa. that is some very serious stuff for her. and hugs to you, too.

Prayers for Stephanie and her family.

Congrats on making Chi O! that is so exciting.


Oh Kel, I'm so sorry. And you're right. I learned a hard lesson in grown-up girl drama two years ago, when I was the victim. big hugs to you and Alyssa. Big congrats on her XO initiation too, that's exciting!


I'm so sorry and sad for Alyssa and that she has to deal with this DRAMA. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Liz joined a sorority too---Phi Mu. She loves it. We are "sorority moms"!!! I cannot wait to see what quilt you make.


HUGS to Alyssa for having to go thru this and P&PT to her roommate. No comment about the remaining ones though.

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the quilt. Congrats on being a XO (can't do Greek symbols, sorry).

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