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Susan R

Can you say "Halllle lujah!!" Hallelujah! Best news I had had today (well except that the band director noticed my kid in a good way and that's always good for a freshman LOL) So happy happy happy to hear this news Kelly. You are always a source of honesty, humor, reality, tenderhearted parental love and so many other wonderful things. Welcome back!


My Kelli still calls and crys every time there are finals. She always thinks that she will fail. I tell her as long as she does her best that is all she can do. Hers turned out just fine 2 A's, 4 A-, and 2 B+. She will be staying in Yakima over the holidays. We won't see her again until Spring Break. She is applying for internship over here in Vancouver. So far she has two different vets that are interested in her. Keep your fingers crossed. Enjoy your holidays. Love Randi


sorry about alyssa but the twitch is so you my friend. i couldn't help but laugh a bit at your post. alyssa will do great at her exams, john and you will both survive his first sub-q infusion and your holidays will end peacefully with no twitching and a couple of happy kids heading back to school.

and i'm shocked that jeff cooks...and grateful. i know how much you LOOOVE to cook.

happy holidays love!


HUGS, Mommy! Alyssa will be fine. First semester of college is always the hardest. Fios? Never heard of it but I *AM* in the stix. LOL!

P&PT that all goes well for John.


Oh Kelly poor ALyssa I'm sure she will do better than she thinks. HUGS to you I wish I could be there to help with all that medical stuff.

Oh and the yard is Fios and it's suppose to be the best thing in Internet and Cable television. Our yard was only dug up for about a week.

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