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I totally understand your thanksgiving blues - I have had them the last 12 years and I am swearing that I won't do it another year. Either someone from my family comes out here next year or I go's so hard! Glad you had a good one though.

I have a quick rag-quilt question for the expert (I just love your sewing projects, I always drool with envy). When you do your borders, I see that you fray the edges, but how do you determine how wide to do them? Same width as your largest blocks, maybe? I'm 10" x 10" blocks but I'm thinking 10" is bigger than what I'm picturing in my head...any advice? Thanks in advance!

PS. I bought a walking foot tonight and I'm SO excited to try it out! I have a lot of sewing to do before getting to the border - so no worries or rush!


i totally understand!!! the first thanksgiving i was away was awful. i remember being a kid and having like 50 relatives all gathered at it is 6 of us and it just isn't the same. i have learned to accept my 'small' holidays but it doesn't mean i like them.... so glad you had a good turkey day this year!!!!!


Happy belated Thanksgiving! Hope that it was filled with much food and laughter!

Christine Campbell

I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!!!!


more hugs my friends. I know first hand how hard holidays away from home base (or what once was home base) can be. I'll be thinking of you- and wishing you many happy turkey-filled moments!


Happy Thankgiving. Sounds like this one will be for sure.

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, that is wonderful news!!!!! I hope you enjoy your time and that the day goes wonderfully!

Nancy G.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Sending holiday hugs your, Nancy.


I'm glad that Lon will be there for Thanksgiving. We are going to Yakima again this year. Jim will not be joining us as he has to work the day after. I'll get to see Kelli and Neil Andrew will be there also. In your last blog you mentioned that you were busy making quilts, Me, I have been making outfits for Jims friends little boy. I'll post them in an e-mail. Hope that your Thanksgiving turns out wonderful. I know mine will. Love Randi

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