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Nancy G.

Okay, so I am no longer happy to see the same post from nearly a month ago! Please post or send an update to your caring friends.

We love you....Nancy G.


Hey . . . happy birthday just a wee bit late! You know what I've been dealing with here, so I guess the good news is I've actually made it online to read some blogs! ARGH on the whole deal with John. on the trying to get HB straightened out.

Loving that necklace -- I'm not usually a necklace wearer, but would love that one!

Hoping we can catch up sometime soon . . .


Now you know how I stay sane- I spend each day with "happy little things". They are called kindergartners! LOL
Great blog. We're praying for you and your son.

Debbie from Illinois

Happy Birthday! I found your blog through your posting at Two Peas. Your past posts about your daughter made me cry. I have experienced the same emotions this past fall with my daughter going to college too. My daughter is doing great and I am proud to say that I have recovered!!! Love your BLOG!!! I really like the marble necklace that your sis-in-law gave you. Could you let me know where it is from???? Take care!


happy belated birthday! (love that marble necklace....)


My sister had a baby on your birthday. Her name is Hazel. Happy things!


Well just so you know, you make me happy. Thanks for being you and helping me set aside the skunk guts in my life.


awesome gifts for an awesome person. hope all of John's stuff gets straightened out soon....


Sorry I missed your birthday. I keep thinking that it is the 22, so I guess that I am on time. Hope you had a wonderful one. Jim's friend had a little boy last month so I have been busy making baby clothes. I sure do enjoy making baby clothes. I keep asking the kids when they will make me a takers yet. There are plenty of others tho who are having babies ... the boy (sorry he's not a boy anymore) and his wife are having a little girl in three weeks... So now I am working on an outfit for her. We just found out that Neil will be in Yakima for Thanksgiving. We will be going there is the pass is clear. Will get to see Kelli then also. She sure does enjoy school. Wish it was this exciting for her when she was in high school. This is her last year. Next year will be employment (hopfully). We have our cruise to Mexico paid for. Will be leaving March 7-14. Now all we have to do is decide what our excurtions will be. Am looking forward to this cruise...will be our last one for awhile. My best to you...Randi

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