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LOL! I was just getting ready to check I guess I won't now!
The flowers are lovely. I am soooo bad with plants, but I have a potted petunia that I got at church for Mother's Day that sits on the kitchen windowsill and is actually still growing and blooming, much to my surprise.


I knew that randomness was a word! It's also the way my mind works. I personally think it is a mark of creative genius. At least that's what I tell myself when my son says "what made you think of THAT?" at least ten times a day. LOL


Hey you! Loving all the random info you gave us in that one post. ARGH on the VP visit. YIPPEE on Alyssa's happiness. . . . pictures, wanna come visit here? I STILL haven't taken pics of the girls in their dance costumes from JUNE. UGH. I could use the help! {grin} As for the iPod, sounds like you've got a frozen iPod issue -- if that's all it is, you can fix it! I've had to do it 3-4 times with my Nano. Try the directions here to get it to work:

Hoping that will do the trick for you!


how about just random shots of things that make you happy? sewing machine, flowers, good cup of coffee, something you cooked for dinner, etc. doesn't have to be about the kids although that's what mine tend to be about, too. that and the vege "garden" that won't produce anything this year. HUMPH!

pc smart

you totally crack me up!!! i agree about the waiting in the office thing but it is rare that they do the afterschool sessions...i feel it is insult to injury to keep them out of class like that. about the photo subjects....try joining a flikr group! a friend of mine joined one in her city and she is having a blast!

Kelly W.

Kelly - You can just open iTunes on your computer and shouldn't need the iPod. At a minimum (and probably lots of time!) you could then back up to a disc.

I feel your pain - I can't clean a bit without music!

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