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Oh friend.
My mom was always like a nurse and a doctor and a dietary specialist in addition to being a taxicab driver and teacher to my brother. I can just imagine how frustrating this must be to you.

Keep fighting until you get answers about John.
They may not be the answers you want but still--push and nag and bother and see new doctors until you find out what can be done to help him get better. He maybe doesn't express it right now, but he does appreciate you.

Miss you.


Kelly, I hope John is doing better. Please give us an update when you have a few minutes. Just a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Your family are in my prayers.


come by daily hoping for an update - hope everyone is doing well


Kelly, I hope you can get John back on track soon. your day made my head spin. i wish i could be there to give you a big hug. i hope you were able to watch Grey's. It's the only tv soundtrack that I buy. and it's the only tv DVD set that I buy. Seriously, can it get any better than that? Seriously?


Wow Kelly, you are being slammed from all sides. Big hugs to you and hope John is better.


Oh golly. I hope John is doing better soon!


came here first thing looking for a recap! LOL!


Sweetie - you're doing just fine! You are even multi-tasking!I'm so proud of you! Seriously, hoping John feels better soon and that immune system kicks in. Hey, it didn't want summer vacation to end. Hope you enjoyed Grey's. I was on the peacock network watching the first of the last season of ER - sorry, I'm old guard. Hope you enjoyed it and it was everything you wanted. Hang in there!

P.S.- I bet the you thrilled the UPS guy with your jammies!

Patti Smith

Oh sweet Kelly...I can't believe you can still be your clever self under all of the pressure you are under....I'm thinking of you and I sure hope John improves soon.....enjoy Grey's tonight you need it girl!! ((((HUGS to you))))
Patti Smith


I thought of you today being that its the season premiere!
No SERIOUSLY I thought of you

Can't wait for a little GA drama. Sounds like you could use some mindless TV too.

Hang in there.

Dawn (rn4jchrist)

ohhhhhhhhhh Kelly! I wish I could be there and be your real nurse...
It always help to have someone you know (kwim?)
I will keep in all in prayer, especially keeping John out of the hospital and for wisdom for the doctors to figure how to fix the problem.
((((BIG HUGS to you)))))
I miss your Grey's thread.... I wonder who will be on the code table tonight... I think it's Thatcher...although some say Derek..
Enjoy your time tonight!


GIANT HUGS and P&PT heading your way. Enjoy your 2 hours of "me" time tonite and I can't wait for the recap (since you know that I don't watch the show - hopefully you'll still love me....LOL!)

Kelly W.

K - I often have so many witty blog entries swirling around in my head. When I find the time, I don't have the energy. Or I don't make it to the computer for hours, and I can't remember for the life of me what I was going to say. Or the boys start fighting, the phone rings, or I get caught up in something I heard on the tv.

All that, without dealing with a sick teenager.

Hope things turn the right direction soon.


many thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.

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