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Hi Stranger!! I came by to see what was up with you and Misty. I'm so very sorry to hear her back went out again. Just wanted to let you know that DBB is always there for support and advice on Misty and how to deal! Hope you are well and happy. I see you are still creating like crazy and such beautiful things. Bless you.

Tracy Whitney

Hi, Kelly!
I know what you mean about talking politics... I've never been fired up about discussing all that schtuff, but this election has gotten me really interested.


We had tickets for the McCain/Palin rally in Colorado Springs, then we weren't able to go. I think this is such an exciting election!! And I love to talk politics any time!!

janet o

Well...I'll still be your friend anyway...LOL!!


Those pictures aren't so bad - good for you for going. I've been paying lots of attention to Palin, trying not to listen to the media, and I do like what she has to say. I'm feeling solid.


I think it is so cool that you got to hear her speak. I had actually heard of Sarah Palin many months ago and found her to be an interesting person. There is something I can really identify with in her. She just seems so real. Thanks for sharing your experience.


tehehe . . . you and I had the same upbringing. Was hard enough for me to put something in the "religion" field on FB. I certainly didn't add anything for the "Politics" field!

I remember my first presidental rally -- I was . . . ahem . . . .9, and Bush Senior was stumping in the Dallas area. My girl scout troop went. It was hot -- very, very hot. And I nearly passed out due to heat stroke. I so don't remember even SEEING Bush. All I remember about that day was how horrible I felt. tehehe . .. guessing you'll have more vivid memories of your first rally, huh?

Becky H

I believe your previous post said "become interesting, redefine". Well done. Wish I could have joined you.

Nancy G.

Cool! I wish I could have been there. I too was very energized about the whole election process as a result of her joining the ticket.

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