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Kelly W.

I have not had your summer of discontent, but we've been doing the same things. Lady Antebellum, my most-loved vampires (who knew a grown woman could get sucked in!), and lately, Facebook. I'll have to find you.

Let me add: I was a "good" teenager, but had a mouth and an attitude that would not quit. I don't know how my parents survived. But we did, and things have been great since I finished college years ago. We are very close now. I could never have imagined it at 18, though.

Kelly S.


When I went away to college, I was a total brat about it both the summer before and the day my parents helped me move in. I had been an exchange student the year before and was very used to being self-sufficient. My mother was driving me crazy asking questions, demanding answers, and generally "mom-ing" me. Looking back, I realize what a pain I was. At the time, I just thought SHE was the pain. (Funny how time changes one's perspective all to often, isn't it?)

My boy is not quite 2 years old, but he's already exhibiting his individuality by saying "No, Mommy, I do myself. 'top it!" As a seventh-grade teacher, I know it will get much worse before it gets better. The moments you write about will likely be my own in the future... but I still wouldn't change anything for the world.


Kelly in Ohio


I'll be in your boat in a year from now. It's funny I never remember my mother going through this and I was an only child. She didn't even take me off to collage just waved goodbye in the drive way. I know i'll be a wreak when it happens next year.


((((((Kelly)))))) I've been checking in on you every day or so, knowing you'd eventually post again. Mom says God makes kids that way -- 18 and pulling away, angry, "leave me alone" -- so we parents will be READY to get that drama out of our lives come college time! I know this summer has been so, so hard on you.

Facebook -- okay, I've had too many people mention it lately, I'm going to have to join in on the craze!

Hugs, hugs, hugs!


OH Kelly, So glad to "hear" from you---I am so sorry summer happened this way---it just isn't fair. We give from the very depths and below of our tender souls and then they don't need us. What a sense of humor our God has! Actually, I know they do need us but it's about moments and phases as all have said. I promise you whether Alyssa says so or not she WILL miss you Kelly. She will miss the warmth and love and tremendous life she had at home. Now that is not to say she won't have a ball at school but this dear girl of yours was far too well-cared for not to miss the luxury of all you have lovingly bestowed on her. Will be saying special prayers for both of you tomorrow. Susan

Becky H

I remember saying the same thing 3 yrs ago when my oldest went off to college "I`m not done yet". It goes so fast. Glad your back.


aww so sorry you are going through this. You loved her as a mom should love a child. too many children now grow up without that and it is sad. You will grow close in the days to come never forget that. It may take time but you are a strong person so you will get through this. Hang in there and happy to see you posting.

Nancy G.

I knew you were hiding out, which is why I haven't bugged you, but am very happy to see you resurface for air.

Alyssa wouldn't be who she is today if you weren't exactly who you have been all along. Everything you have done is to get her to this point and ready to fly on her own. What she is doing now is also what she needs to do to establish her independence and deal with her fears of the unknown. The worst part about it is that as mothers, it is completely heartbreaking to have them tear away so painfully. They no longer "need" us, so we struggle with letting them go and holding them tight.

Nick has been testing me this summer as well, so I have had a mini dose of what you are going through. I am sure that each summer is going to be more of the same, only intensified until I am sitting right where you are two years from now.

Please dont' be a stranger. Love, Nancy


I was Alyssa...the oldest with a younger brother about 4 1/2 years my junior. I was an athlete, a good student, a model citizen, and always doing the right thing. And right before I went to college, I was positively evil to my parents. I think it was a combination of rebellion combined with the sheer terror and fear of the unknown. But all that time that I was busy being evil and unlovable to my parents, I loved them more than ever although I would never have admitted it at the time.

She loves you madly, she's just crazy and scared right now. It'll be okay, I promise!


big, big hugs, Kelly. I dropped my daughter off at college on Sunday. The days before she left, my stomach was just a mess. I did okay the first days but yesterday was awful. It was her birthday and I wasn't there to celebrate with her. Please lean on me even though we have never bet because I am going through the EXACT emotions. Liz is my oldest so this is all new to me. I too joined Facebook. It is definately fun. I'll "friend" you. Stay strong!


I was so happy to see your post this morning. I check everyday to see if there is anything new. I have four daughters and can completely understand the things you are going through. My first just had a baby and we are close friends, my second and I had a very rough time, but now that she is on her and has a successful job we get along great. The twins are another story. Like Alyssa, they are leaving for college next Thursday. They have been practicing their independence all summer. I can't wait for them to leave and I never want them to go. Yet I do know that is the next step in their lives and I am hopeful that we will all be friends in time. From one Mom to another big hugs. If you lived near me Id' invite you over for a cup of coffee and some conversation about the books we will be reading and what we will be doing with our free time!


HUGS. Alyssa will one day thank you for all you have done for her. Glad you had a nice lunch. Going to have to check out that Facebook thing.


Twilight was the book that got Kelli interested in reading. She also has the whole series. She has read Twilight so often that she had to buy another book because that one has fallen apart. I'm all for books that get kids (of all ages) reading. Even tho Kelli is an adult to me she will always be a little girl, just like Alyssa will always be your little girl. They do grow up, to fast it seems. Alyssa should do alright at college, you have shown her the way. This summer has been her way of breaking away -- she will return. Love Randi


GIANT HUGS! It's just a phase. Remember that. My brother said that my mom pretty much cried the whole way home after they dropped me off at UW-Madison though. Probably doesn't help much, huh? Alyssa'll be doing it when her first born goes off to college and you'll again be there to support her as you've always done and will always do....

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