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Five girls in one room! Wow.


We are living parallel lives, Kelly!! I totally understand what you are going through!! Love and hugs to you! :)


Kelly, your post made me smile. Mark has just left to go to University. He and his dad flew out to get him set up. I held it together nicely until the car pulled out of the driveway and then had a good cry. Not because I was sad that he was going, because I am so proud and excited for him. But I think I cried because I just wasn't ready for him to grow up so fast. I remembered that Alyssa was also going away to college and so I wanted to peek in to see if you had blogged about that, because I was just feeling a little lost today too.It was nice to feel a kinship with another mother who maybe was feeling a little lost too.
Take care,

Nancy G

You go girl! As one of few lucky ones who knew/know the "original Kelly", I know she has alot going on!

Lots of love and let me know if you need anything...even just moral support

pc smart

thank you for this post....i am so glad to hear she is doing well, even if you are "bored" without her :) as we are heading into another challenging school year with our girl child, i needed to hear that yours is settled in and happy. there is hope....


Good for you. Some of what you've written over the last few years reminds me so much of me and my mom. I'm 36 now, so you'd think I'd be over it, but once I graduated high school, my mom seemed to resent me for growing up. She blamed her lost feelings on me. Our relationship while I was in college was not good, to say the least. I admire the way you are handling things with Alyssa. Having my own two girls now, makes me realize how hard that time was for my mom, but it was her job to raise me then let me go. I wish she could have handled it with more grace, we are closer now, but there are still scars between us. I know you and Alyssa will be fine once her "finding herself" years are in the past. In the meantime, you will have found yourself too. Best of luck on your journey.


Kelly, my friend . . . .glad she's enjoying (almost)everything about college. Sounds like she's having fun. My freshman year, my roommate and I had the room across from the communal bathroom and we did the same thing -- left the door open when either of us were there. We made a lot of really great friends in the first weeks at college.


hey, hey, hey, I need to hear about some sewing projects...and I'm trying to hold it together my son doesn't appear to *need* me for his wisdom teeth post-op appointment tomorrow...


Kelly E! has been so long! I was thinking of you today. I just had to come find your blog so I started my search and found it so quickly.. it felt good to read it again! Gosh... I could say so much... wow.


Ahhh, that brings back so many memories!! I never had to bunk in with 3 other girls though so glad about that part, lol! I remember that it was when I was away at college that I first realized how important my parents were and I really started appreciating them. She will too, trust me. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself! You have some great skills so use them! Big hugs!



What a perfect post for me. We leave in just a few hours to take our girls (twins) to college. I to will be an empty nester. Good for you for not calling! I hope I will be able to contain myself. I just want them to be safe. I am so glad Alyssa is doing well. I will be hoping for the same phone call - minus the skydiving!! Keep posting - it makes me feel so not alone!


You go girl-you have the tools and you use them. I am behind you and support you. Unfortunately, life is boring. I am working 50 hours a week and I feel my life is boring. What can we do to make it unboring?

I love you sis, and your strength during this time of "empty nesting". I am always just a phone call away.

Love and kisses


sounds like she's having a blast and adjusting well. see, mom, you raised her well!!! you are so many more things than just a mom....wife, daughter, artist, quilter, scrapbooker, friend.....


oh good luck and I know you will find you.

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