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Kim B.

Kelly, Our lives sound identical at the moment. This is the very first summer EVER that I haven't said "I can't wait for school to start". That means ELizabeth will be leaving me. :*( All her dorm stuff is piling up in my dining room (no where else to put it) so I see it every day.

Nancy G.

So nice to see photos of the family. Hopefully your time with them was rejuvenating to the soul. Your mom looks fabulous and everyone else looks great too! I just received Alyssa's thank you card yesterday and it was very well written and thoughtful, obviously her mother's daughter.

I still have two years to go and I vacillate daily between being terrified and being thrilled! Probably will just end up being an emotional wreck.

My summer has been crazy as well, seems most days I have a houseful of boys who seems to think I am the local food bank. I usually have to call Nick on my way home from work to find out how many are staying for dinner. On the average I have three extra kids to feed on any given day. I have to admit, I actually love it and enjoy having them around.

I will try and send you a personal email later today and bring you up to date on the rest of life.


Lookin good sure don't look like a mother of a college girl!


Great pictures. Just got Alyssas' thank you card today. It seems that when you send things to girls (no matter what age) they send out thank-you card, while boys don't seem to know how. As Kelli says it in the "Jeans". Kelli is home for the summer. She is making a quilt. Her second one. After she is done I will send you a picture. Not as nice/straight as yours but for her it is great. She is talking about making another one for her cousin Staci for Christmas. Randi


looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Mine are still young enough that I can ignore the fact they'll one day leave. . . .but just spent a couple hours with another friend who's oldest just graduated and oh my, I can see where you're at!


Oh my gosh! I could have wrote this same thing about my daughter graduating this year too. I was crying at the drop of the hat. Ordering announcements, ironing the gown, driving to the graduation, taking photos, watching my husband hug our daughter afterwards, talking with my neighbors about future plans....I've been an emotional wreck. Just so you're not alone. It's so hard but so worth it when these beautiful intelligent young ladies have the drive to succeed :) They're ready but we're not. Hugs!!


GIANT HUGS, Mommy! beautiful pictures!


Kelly, welcome back to the blog. I kept checking to see when an update would show up. The pictures are great. Love the slideshow. I know I will be just like you when K reaches high school graduation. Can't wait to read more updates


Love the photos!! I've put 2 through college, so I know EXACTLY what you're going through! My youngest will be a senior this year, and it's already giving me anxiety! One of my sisters is sending her 2 oldest twins out of state to college this fall, and she's really starting to fall apart. This parenting thing never seems to get any easier!!

P.S. Your family is beautiful! TFS!


Wonderful photos, Kelly! Is that your brother on the top right hand photo, because I think you look just like him and so does Alyssa!

Glad to hear you're doing okay, I've been worried about always. I check in on you multiple times/day you know.....

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