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I'm sorry Kelly. Obviously I have no advice, but at this age, I think she's past the parental punishment stage. Hopefully the experience scared her enought to make her think and make better choices in the future. More hugs coming your way.


HI Kelli,
Just had to tell you 'we ae with ya'---my two are almost 12 and almost 13. I am not looking forward to this part of parenting. They are such good kids just like Alyssa and John are and it's really hard to take that they still make bad choices. I commend and thank you for sharing so I stay aware that the good kids don't always do exactly what they should. Will keep you and yours in our prayers and keep looking for that the end of the tunnel!! Take good care of you!


double giant hugs for you, sweetie....


Kelly, I have 3 teens - almost 19, 17 and 15. I too have been where you are, and worse. My oldest has been a huge test in parenting for us, and he also does not have access to car keys, for LOTS of reasons. Some days, I'm still surprised that he hasn't been evicted from his own house! They do test us, they think they are invincible, they drive us crazy and make mistakes (sometimes life altering ones). Hang in there - it isn't easy and I too have felt useless as a mother. The kids need to learn their own lessons, and all we can do is support them and let them know that their home is always available to them. Friends with kids who are now adults tell me that they survived and their kids did eventually turn the corner, for the better.


hugs, hugs, hugs! I wish I had advice for you . . . .but all I can do is send hugs!


HUGS Kelly as the teenager that gave her parents fits all through high school and now as a mother of a almost teen I feel for you. HUGS. You are a good parent. I told me mom a few years ago "I apologize for all the dumb choices and the things I did to scare you when I was in high school". My mom is a great mom unfortunately even great moms and great kids have issues at times.

No clue how to punish her now. But big HUGS

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