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How wonderful! Congratulations to Alyssa and to you! I told you you were doing OK! Now just write it all up, put it in a nice binder and send it to me - I still have 6-7 years to go! I need a good manual!

Seriously, Alyssa is a beautiful, talented, intelligent, caring young woman. You have done a wonderful, wonderful job. Be proud of you both - you both deserve it.

Steph #1 Buckeye Fan


Kelly, all the years spent teaching, disciplining, worrying about and loving your daughter has paid off. She is very lucky to have you for her mom, as you are to have her as your daughter. Enjoy Alyssa's special week! :)


Steph :)


congratulations on graduation!! I envy your relationship with your daughter and I can only hope that I will have something similar with my own daughters. I hope you have a wonderful celebration!


Sounds like you've done your job well! I can only imagine what it must feel like to have your firstborn graduate. WAAHHH! So proud of her accomplishmnets!

So, gotta ask . . . what's a pinning ceremony? Pretty darned sure we don't do them here (or at least didn't when I graduated!).

Hope you enjoy this family time. . .

janet o

And can you come raise MY daughter to be a person like that? Cause I'm not getting the job done well, I think.
When are we gonna talk, anyway? :) I lost my cell phone and with it, your number :(


Congratulations, Alyssa!!!!

Christine Campbell

OH, Kelly, I'm so happy for you!! Have fun with your family!!


We went throught his several weeks ago. What an emotional roller coaster. Like you, I had family and friend friends here to "ride it" with me. I learned a lot about Elizabeth that week. It was a blast. Now I've had some time to "regroup". Next week is parent preview week at the University so I will probably be a basket case all over again! Congratulations Alyssa! You did it!

Amy Sorensen

You are blessed to have such a great relationship with your mom. I am SOOOO happy for you to have your family there with you---I think I know what it means to you. ENJOY this time!!! And Alyssa is beautiful!!!

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