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I received the same piece of mail and thought that someone was playing a joke on me. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to receive mail from AARP prematurely. :)

pc smart

i got one too and i am only 42!!!! are they running out of senior citizens so they are going after the under 50 crowd???? i was tempted - even if just for the laughs (and the discounts). think about cool would it be to whip it out at the movie theater and have the chick say "wow, you don't look that old!" you can say "i was 70 on my last birthday - good clean living!" ha!

Steph #1 Buckeye Fan

OMG, Kelly, that is too funny! I'm only 37 and they sent me one a month ago. My DH got a good laugh out of it and I promptly put it in file 13.


Steph :)


Oh Kelly, I love you! Your comments made my day. Since I turned the big 40 a few months ago I've been feeling the same way. I even received the big invite from AARP! I was just as offended as you - I couldn't rip it in half fast enough. Hope you're feeling better soon.


It's tough getting older. I got to thinking about it the other day. All the people I thought were old growing up have since met thier maker, the the ones I grew to respect are now in thier late 60's and early 70's. The age of the old people when I was young. I am now the age of those in thier 60's were when I was young. It's amazing how life works. Just think how old we look to our kids? You are as young as you feel..Love Randi


hee hee hee....don't feel bad, my brother got an invitation to join when he was in middle school. I think that it was a mistake. LOL! You ARE only as old as you feel body be damned! If it makes you feel any better, I feel about 57 today....


I can so relate and I am younger than you and I too get mail from AARP-they must get a mailing from all over the country for women in perimenopause!!!!

Nancy G.

The fun has just begun! I actually went through meopause at age that is a bummer!


I'm right there with you in every way, Kel. And AARP has been mailing me trash since I was 25!


I am to f** tired to write what you just did so thank you! I've been going through the same since I was your age (add 9, yuck!) and I still shredd, rip and stomp on the invitiations to join the "good ole boys/girls club!" Talk to me when I'm 60 or maybe 65. Right now, I'll just chalk it up to that nasty M word and the crankiness that comes with it. Look out world!


OMG are you living in my body? Wait you can't be because I'm a year older than you and I've been dealing with what you are dealing with for over a year. It sucks.

AARP got me too and I shreaded it with great glee.



I can relate, Kelly! You are not alone!! :) I'm glad you're back. I missed you!


Welcome back. Tell AARP to take a hike...for now :)

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