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Just finished, still bawling.

Pinky Z.

I just had a girlfriend loan me a copy of The Friday Night Knitting Club today. I'm going to attack it this weekend. Have you read this one: I enjoyed it. It was a cute, easy read.


I read Ask Again Later a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it - it spoke to my neurotic OCD side. I like her writing style although I can't see it being for everyone. :-)


Thanks for the book recommendations. I keep a notebook right here at the computer to write them down and maybe, just maybe someday I will remember to put the list in my purse so I can check out or purchase them! LOL! I've always been a reader but it hasn't rubbed off on my kids either and I just don't know how that happens. My parents were both readers and I couldn't remember a bigger thrill than going to the library and spending the afternoon. Such is life I guess.

The worst book ever written is "The Wind Done Gone". Trust me on this.


THere is hope, Kel. I was never a reader until I was out of college and no longer viewed reading as just another task on my endless to-do list. Now I love to read, but it took nearly 30 years to get there.


I am cracking up at the kids' reactions. Maybe you could start reading it to them at dinner or something.

Amy Sorensen

The Book Thief is one of my top twenty is a great one, isn't it??? I'm glad you liked it. I'm LOLing at your comment about The Road. I liked that one, too, but I read it knowing his writing style and that the story would be bleak. I just finished "The People of The Book" (will blog about it later today)...I'm certain you would like that one, too.

Nancy G.

I am also a voracious reader and tend to read many different genres as well. Loved both Holes and Ender's Game, but never joined the Harry Potter fan club. These sound like great books and I will put them on my "to read" list for the next time I hit Borders.

My most recent memorable book(s) was "Beautiful Boy" by David Sheff and it is about the his perspective of dealing with a son addicted to meth. It was so powerful that I immediately went out and purchased "Tweak" by Nik Sheff, his son which details his journey through addiction. The combination of the two books will leave a lasting impression on any parent. They are at times difficult to read, but very intense. I think "Tweak" should be required reading in the high schools.

If anyone has read either of these books, let me know what you thought.


I love to read too. Right now I'm reading Devil In The White City. I just finished Water For Elephants and liked it! The Book Thief sounds good! Thanks for the recommendation.


Neither one of my kids were readers in school. After Kelli started college did she get interested in reading. Now, during her spare time (what little there is due to college studies) she is reading. So there is hope for your kids yet. Jim isn't a reader - never was, most likely will never be. On my bookshelves I have over 300 books, including young adult and children books. Check out the e-mails I sent you, pictures of our weekend at the coast and flowers in my yard. Randi

Kim B.

I'm slowly getting back into reading. I used to love to read but having 4 kids drained every ounce of free time that I have. I'm asleep before I hit the pillow. I recently purchased a book (keep in mind I am a Harlequin Romance addict because they are quick reads) called "The Dowry Bride". I so recommend it. You won't be disappointed. But that book got me back into reading novels again.

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