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Beautiful pictures!

The family that I painted the Jerusalem mural for (they have six kids) had their oldest daughter get married last summer, and now she's pregnant. I was talking to the mom a little while ago, and she said, "Yeah, people say to me, 'You got one out of the house, now five more to go!' and I say, 'Are you kidding? She bugs me more now than she ever did when she was at home!'" I'm sure you'll have a wonderful relationship in the years ahead.

Kim B.

Oh my gosh, I just posted on my blog just yesterday the same thing. Elizabeth will graduate in less than two months too. Where has the time gone? I'm excited and happy for her but at the same time it's so depressing. I'm sorting through all her pictures to make a video for her. It seems like just yesterday she was my "baby girl". I so understand your feelings. Alyssa is a very pretty young woman.


She's beautiful and ready to take on the world because you'll always be there to help her and because you've taught her well. HUGS, Mommy!


My daughter went away to college this past year. At first it is hard letting go - but then you realize how much fun they are having being independent. The best thing is that they are happy and busy making new friends and experiencing all the college life has to offer. I try to limit my calling, email and let her know that I am there if she needs me or wants to talk to me. When you go past their room and it stays clean - well, it makes you want to cry because it looks like a shrine. But now she will be home for summer soon and I will have to get used to having her around all over again and enjoy the time we have.


Waaaahhhhh! I can't believe her senior year is almost over! While I've still got a ways to go before one leaves for college, I've already hit the "we're more than 1/2 way through the schooling" thing.

Loving the senior pictures. .. .they turned out great! And what a great book.

Becky H

She`s baaaack!!!!!! and we are so happy you are. 2 years ago I was in your shoes. we had walked to the car after a full day of setting up the dorm room. I hugged my son and couldn`t even say bye, I would fall to pieces. I watched him cross the street to his new "home" and the flood gates opened. as we drove away I told my husband to go back and get him I couldn`t do it. he called during our 5 hour drive home to tell us he had taken a shower. (first community shower). I thought it might be a good idea for him to take summer school and get a job this summer. lets just skip coming home this year. my how things change!

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, I'm so glad to see you blogging again! It made my day to click on your blog and see an update. Glad you're doing OK, AARP/perimenopause aside. The photos of Alyssa are gorgeous!


Alyssa is absolutely beautiful. You have done a great job with her and she will never forget all that you have done and taught her. I just hope I can raise Kenzie as well as you raised Alyssa.
I Love You and can not wait to see you.


I too have a senior (boy), it is interesting time in our relationship. I have it worse than you, he got a job at a summer camp several hours from home so I "lose" him on May 29th! I pray that he takes the strong foundation, in faith, skills, scholarship, morals, etc and builds a strong "house" on it. He has always been self-assured and comfortable in his own skin, just hope that this continues. Best of luck to both of us as we neogiate these rough waters.

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