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Hang in there! It's a part of the process I think it happens so you start wanting them to go so you don't fall apart when they leave.
It was senior Sunday today at my year it will be my turn. I wouldn't even listen to the sermon just didn't want to think about the inevitable.

Hey look up...GA comes back this week!!!


I can understand so well!! I am going through the same things times two! I have twin girls. I am not looking forward to the summer, either. Oh the attitude, boy do we have the attitude. I can remember when they were such nice girls. I do enjoy hearing about it from another Mom. It makes me feel so not alone :)


Oh my . . . I remember how bad my senioritis got after spring break! I'm feeling for you and hoping you have some sanity left by the time September hits!


Hang in there, Mommy! This only happens once....luckily. LOL!


I went through it last year and it isn't easy with a son either! But now that he's in college, he's matured and becoming very responsible. So just hang in there - it will get better!

Sue in Alexandria VA

Amy Sorensen

This is definitely a unique time in your life and in hers. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible! I am still thrilled for you that your mom is coming---it will be awesome!!!

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