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fantastic photos! can't wait to see what you're working on! hope that dinner was delicious!!!


I have the same fabric that is in the second photo, on the top. I'm working on a string quilt for my daughter.

Your cherry blossom photos are amazing!

Kelly S.

Those trees are amazing! Your description has me imagining the scent... I may just need to go to Yankee Candle now and see if I can find something similar. :-)

I read your book club description... not sure I could read it either. It took me a long time to read "A Child Called It" because I was worried it would haunt me. I ended up waiting until life events were going well and read it then. (I'm glad I read it, but also glad I waited so I could be emotionally strong and appreciate the strengths of the author's childhood and his determination.)

Amy Sorensen

I was working on a sewing project today and thinking of you. Your cherry blossoms are gorgeous! Here, it's been so cold that although the spring flowers are up, that's flowering trees yet. Thanks for sharing with this blossom-deprived girl!!!

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