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i, too, have been absent! welcome back. these photos are just the ticket on a rainy tuesday in northern illinois. they are beautiful!!

Kelly S.

You have many more than three people reading your blog. Your honesty, engaging writing style, and perspectives on the world speak to many more women than the three you mention, myself included.

Glad to see you are back and I LOVE the new banner.


AHHHHHH-My sister is back and with a great banner and photo to boot. It's about time.
Love and miss you


Welcome Back. Missed hearing from you. Kelli came home for spring break last week. We spent alot of time running her errands. It sure was nice. She's back at school now. She did great last quarter (5 A's and 1 B). We sent her back two days early due to the forcast of March. On Friday we had snow, hail, rain and sunshine. It sure was a mixed up weather day. The sun has been shinning on and off for the last couple of days and the forcast is for more sun for the weekend. That will be nice, maybe we can get some yardwork done. We got new carpet in the family room, and after our cruise (in a month and a half) we are getting both bathrooms redone. Busy, Busy, Busy. Got to go. Love Randi



Believe me, there are more than 3 people still reading your blog and I am one of them! I so enjoy your writing and am always glad to read a new entry. No worries. Regardless of how much time passes between your blog entries, I will continue to be one of your biggest fans. Take good care. Marianne


I've been peaking in every week to see if you had blogged too...kind of like waiting for the first sign of spring! When I saw the new banner I thought "spring is here, Kelly's back!" ;)


You're ALIVE! Thank GAWD! I was afraid that you got buried under a snow drift or something...... I checked every day hoping for a sign.


I adore blossom photos!! And, I was about to do something similar in asking for an update. You are indeed beloved kelly!

Nancy G.

Wow, what beautiful pictures! I thought I left a comment yesterday thanking you for the lightning fast response and "shout out", but it seems to have floated away into cyberspace, so here it is again! Good to know you are still there. :-)


HOT DANG! beautiful flowers. can't wait for a longer update since you always make me laugh and smile, too!

Kim B.

Welcome back Kelly. You've been missed! You even inspired me to go purchase some material to make that awesome quilt you made several weeks back. Unfortunately, it's all still in the bag. But I am determined.

The cherry blossom pictures are beautiful. Welcome back.

Stacy Buss

Thank you for the new photos! Like your sister I was getting tired of seeing the slideshow too.


See, here's the thing: if you would just post those short, sweet updates more frequently, you wouldn't have to put some epic story out there. And yes, I should talk...But thanks for the cherry blossom pictures, it's thunder/lightening/hailing like crazy here in Seattle.

Jennifer Stewart

I'm here too and check in on you! So glad to see you post. Those photos are so gorgeous!!

Jen :)


Oh Kelly,
So great to see a new banner and what STUNNING photos---you are so talented! That's all, just that I really enjoyed seeing them, too.


I keep checking to see if you post anything but I too was tired of looking at the slide show. I'd click see nothing new and click out. Would love to see you updating more. Miss you. I'd know what you were up to if I watch BB but alas I don't and that's the only thread you post on anymore. :(


was starting get worried about you and yours...
glad to see you posted today.


tehehehe . . .I too was ready for a new blog entry from you! I should talk, huh? It's rainy (or was) here today too . . . I spent a good 20 minutes this afternoon in the hall closet with the girls as we were told to take "tornado precautions" . .. Ian's school was in lockdown. We're all home and it is sunny now. Go figure!

Miss chatting with you . . . . .hugs.

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