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ummm, pictures, stories, anything???????

Nancy G.

Even though it has been snowing here in Washington for the past week, I am ready for a spring look to your site and an update on the life and times of Kelly Edgerton. How about some of those wonderful cherry blossom photos?

Mary Rogers

Kelly - I have missed you....congrats to you on the Fiskars training position - you are the best teacher. Hope all is well...and that Grey's will be back very soon!!


Totally off subject but I thought of you the other day when there was nothing to watch on TV except reality shows which I can only handle so many. I then realized I was having GA withdrawals. I haven't had a good Gray's fix in ages!

Hope all is well with you. Neat class. I'd be intimidated by a drill too!


very cool projects and you have a very cool job.

Patti Smith

Kelly I am so envious of your teaching looks like you had an awesome class. Thanks for all the tips you pass on to us. It is really always love, love your blog...have a good day!! your fiskasister!! Patti Smith (aka Tennesseeeeeeeeee!!)

Pat Daigle

I love my drill. It is amazing what you can do with that little thing and I too have the holes in my table as scars from some over enthusiastic drilling. I love the pages and if I lived closer to you I would totally have signed up to do one of these classes and become a demonstrator, I totally miss teaching in the industry, I didn't think I would miss it but I really do.

Amy Sorensen

Glad to see you back, Kelly!


You are so creative! I love your slideshow, too!

Suzanne from Fiskars

You are so delightful and charming and funny and clever, and I could just go on and on. There are many wonderful things about working for Fiskars, but meeting incredibly creative people like you is truly at the top of the list! Thanks, Kelly, for being you and for everything you continue to do for us. We love you!


Wow! I need a drill! I've been looking at Dremel's but if the Fiskars will do wood - I'm all over it! I've also got my Fiskateer's invite set up and I've got to go check it out and see what the story is thanks to Stephenie. Missed you at CHA. I had a chance to go with my boss/store owner and was hoping to surprise you. Bummed that you weren't there, but I'll get to meet you yet! Congrats on the Fiskar's training. It looks like not only your class had fun but you did too!

Kelly S.

Great frame! Great attitude! If the classes at my local scrapbooking stores were as much fun as you sound like you had, I would be there all of the time. (The ones I've been to were just so-so... more "I want to sell this product" than "I LOVE this product and can't wait to show you why" like yours sounds like it was.)

Kelly in Ohio

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