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Brrrr! Beautiful pictures!


Silver Thaws sound so much better than Ice Storms.

pc smart

i love ice storms! they are so pretty, especially if the sun comes out and glistens off the icicles. but then i am in the south and don't have to drive anywhere so i can afford to wax poetic about such dangerous conditions....


I could use a snow day! We are having an extremely mild winter in Dallas.

Amy Sorensen

Metaphor is always much nicer than regular language. I love the idea of a silver thaw.

In all my years of school, I had ONE snow day. I still remember how exciting it was, but then I was in fifth grade. I think for teenagers, it'd only be a great snow day if their BFFs happened to be stuck inside with them! And, if it makes you feel any better, my kids aren't teenagers (yet...12 IS NOT A TEENAGER, right? right???) and they still bicker when they're stuck inside all day.

Sending you positive spring-is-coming vibes...although those ice photos are gorgeous! Did you get my two emails?


I remember when I was in school...all those years ago...We didn't have President's Day..We got two days off one for Lincoln's Birthday and a week later one for Washington's Birthday...and in Yakima the only snow days I can remember is in 3rd grade when we had a blizard. Kelli has also noticed that they don't close school for snow. Not at all like here, where they talk about snow and school is closed. Have a Nice Valentine's Day. Love Randi

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