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ha! I'm definately more right brained (surprise!) but before I read your entire hint section, she did for a second go counter clockwise, then seem to just turn back and forth, from side to side. I couldn't make it happen again and thought my eyes were going funky until I read further. LOL


Whole brainer here, too, though I initially saw her with my right brain - not at all what I expected since I don't consider myself the "creative" type. Very cool.


So amazing - at a glance I'm right brained, but when I watch her, she switches directions. tfs


Right brain here....and only seen that way....couldn't do it with the left side at's a good thing I like to create! lol. :)


I'm apparently whole-brained. I blink and she changes direction! I thought they'd programmed her that way!


Well I could make her do it both ways too. First look was clockwise second was counterclockwise and that was before I read your how to - so I guess I'm a whole-brainer too :-)

Hope things are going okay Kelly. I know it's been hard lately. I'm thinking of you.

Look - It's an Etsy:


cool. I could do both! Left came first. Then after I went back I could do it the other way too.

carol :)

Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!! I finally for the first time was able to make it change directions! Thanks Kelly! (I'm mostly right brained...who knew???)

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