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pc smart

i love that you took a basic product and made it something creative! i have a love/hate with digital...i can do it and yet i choose to get dirty instead. have not figured out why....

Jennifer Stewart

Oh how fun to see your digital pages over and over like that! What a wonderful idea to use the frame for pages. I love that. And Kelly, you are a wonderful scrapbooker, paper OR digital! :)



Can't comment on the digital as I'm unwilling to try, but - the dawdling? I can SOOOOOOOO... relate! The night before I have the best intentions, a list, things to write down, to do, etc. and by morning it's gone out of my head and whay I do remember I stall, dawdle, put off, etc. So don't worry, you are not the only one!


please tell us what digi software you use to scrap

Kelly S.

Don't sell yourself short. You do a beautiful job. I also love the way you describe your teens' reactions. Very well-stated. :-)


a woman of many talents!


I really, really want one of those. I just can't justify spending the $$$ when I also want a new 24-70L lens.....

Awesome Kelly!


Kelly, you are a wonderful digital scrapbooker. I love the way you have displayed your beautiful works of art. Makes me want one of those crazy, time sucking contraptions:)

Heather at Grace303

This is very impressive. I love how everything turned out.

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