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pc smart

wow...maybe i need to break out some fabric and make some of those. i would do rectangles because knowing me, the ovals would be wonky. we use placemats every day but the thought of evenly quilting without a walking foot/quilting guide....ugh.


You did a marvelous job! The "after" is much better, I agree. Lovely colors.

Kelly S.

Bright? Yes.
Cheerful? Yes.
Clown vomit? No more! ;-) (That comment sent me into a coughing fit. I snorted and then couldn't stop coughing. Too funny.)

I LOVE the finished results. If all goes well, I think I'm going to be you when I grow up. :-)

Enjoy the indoor sunshine and flowers.

Kelly in Ohio


You are my sewing/knitting/quilting yoda. Inspire me, you do.

Wow. I love those colors. What a bright and cheerful kitchen you must have. I wish I could sit and have a cup of coffee there with you sometime. *sigh*


Tim Gunn could not be more proud! You are a sewing goddess! Carry On....Make it Work!


LOVE the brightness of your project!


I am so overwhelmed, impressed, and LOVING your final projects. Thank you for sharing your sew-goddess-ness with us!!

PS- writer strike is KILLING us here. End it!!!

Kim B.

I love those colors and patterns of the fabric. After I read your post, it got me thinking--where is my sewing machine? Hmm. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow. Then after I find my machine, I am thinking about taking a trip to Joann Fabrics. Thank you for the inspiration.


Oh, I definitely LOVE the final product! Cute, cute, cute! Nice and cheery for these dreary winter days!

Laura in IL

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